"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things" - Henry Miller

It's funny, we think we hire people for their skills, but we actually pay them for their minds. 

Each of us brings a unique process and perspective to the table, and many times, that's just what we need to help us grow. In our personal lives, our “next” destination may be eating healthier, exercising more, or worrying less. As for our businesses, well, the next destination may look a lot like a question marked canvas. Or a vision board full of ideas that we've already started. Maybe even all at once.

No matter what your next destination is, there's only one way to get there: one step at a time.  While I can’t help you with your vision board, I can prepare your business for success in its next step.

Online Content Sets the Tone for Your Next Destination

Your online content, such as your website, social media, online articles, and promotional messages, work together to project ways your audience will feel about your purpose. The perspective they are getting is equivalent to the online experience they are receiving, an online experience that is either working for or against you. 

After three years of positioning brands for ideal leads and next-level opportunities, I encountered an interesting challenge: I was being paid for simply "writing" when I was really doing so much more. I was pegging my well-rounded self and services into a square hole because I was marketing myself wrong! 

I finally reached my next destination after positioning myself from a fresh perspective:

I'm a consulting copywriter, preparing your business for its next destination and helping it grow to its fullest potential.

The majority of companies hire writers to meet a word count, include SEO keywords in content, develop landing pages, blogs, and online content in piecemeal writing. Few companies hire writers to integrate branding, marketing, sales, and content strategy with their storytelling. The latter group of writers are copywriters. Copywriting is the best way to create an experience to carry your purpose to its full potential.

Here's what you'll gain from my copywriting:

- A hyperactive mind brainstorming and executing fresh revenue streams

-Corporate marketing knowledge to unify voice, tone, and style on every online medium

-A circle of high value connections unique to myself and related to your purposeful niche (holistic, wellness, authors, motivational, inspirational)

-Access to publications, media, influencers, and sources to position you as a leader in your field

-Detailed ways of attracting your ideal B2B & B2C audiences with mindful writing and marketing

Speak your story in ways you've never imagined to achieve more than you've ever dreamed.

I’m the Storyspeaker and I’m here to help.


“It's hard to imagine what we did before she joined us.”
— Ann Shea, Hampton Marketing