My mission is to equip businesses with high-impact, brand compliant guidelines, strategy, and content for writing that will move your audience to action and change the world. 

My name is Caitlin, and I'm your future brand advocate and high-impact content creator. 

An ancient proverb says, "with great purpose comes great responsibility." 

When I hear this quote, I immediately think of business.

The goal of any product or service is to solve a problem or meet the need of its customers. In other words, businesses quite literally exist to serve others and that is changing the world.

As a world changer, your responsibility is to communicate who you are to those who need you most.

So, how are you doing with that?

Are you reflecting your brand accurately and connecting to audiences? If so, then kudos to you! It takes lots of exploration and honesty to get to that place of transparency which your audience craves.

But, maybe you're on the flip side of the equation...

If you have a solid content strategy in place, but still aren't a) attracting the right people to your business or b) achieving the emotional response you'd hoped from copy and content channels, the problem may be in your writing.

Content that moves others to join you in your cause as a client, consumer, partner, or employee is driven by connection. Engaging copy - or "warm" copy - speaks to people you want to attract.

Some techniques of "warm" copy include the content being:

  • Communicated in terms easily understood by your target audience.
  • Direct and concise. Cuts through fluff and reveals the true nature of your brand or the brand's "personality".
  • Emphatic of your offered solutions, benefits, and advantages in light of your ideal audience's problem; voices their deepest concerns and compassionately presents solutions.
  • Cohesive and steady flow.
  • Thoughtfully and intentionally organized or structured in a way that benefits the reader.

If your copy strays from any one of these traits, it's in danger of becoming, guessed it, "cold" copy! Cold copy is content that disconnects you from your ideal audience.

Some symptoms of "cold" copy include the content being:  

  • Communicated in terms not easily understood by your target audience.
  • Indirect and unclear. Leaves room for your reader to question what is being said, doesn't reflect your brand's mission, values, or purpose.
  • Emphatic of your brand's services or products without identifying them as solutions or clearly empathizing with your target audience.
  • Scattered and difficult to follow. 
  • Constructed with little consideration of your target reader's perspective.
  • Vague and aloof from your readers.

Maybe you haven't worked up the courage to expose your brand to the world yet. Maybe you're lacking confidence because you don't know if it's good enough. Or maybe you are re-branding and aren't sure where to start. Maybe you're just not good at writing.

Here's Why You Need Me

In today's world of SEO, Google rankings, and crawling search engines, not to mention, audiences who crave connection with brands, good content is a necessity.

Here's the thing, good content can also be costly of both time and money.

Time - when you aren't sure of your brand's voice and it takes many trials and errors to establish consistency on every published piece of content.

Time - when you hire a writer who doesn't meet your brand standards and have to re-hire or re-train.

Time - when you're not getting results you'd hoped after implementing your content marketing plan (because it's poorly written content). 

Time - when you're re-branding or launching a new product/service and are stretching your resources thin.

And time is money.

What if there was a different way to get your content right?

Here's When I Step In

A one-time investment in my services makes your content market-ready and equips future writers with brand guidelines for consistently engaging content on every channel.

The true test of your copy is its ability to gain trust.

What's the ultimate proof of trust?


When all is said and done, you will have powerful copy for a your content marketing plan and beyond. 

Finally, you can be confident in your content!

No more test runs, no more trial and error, no more trying out writers. YOU set the standards, the tone, and the examples for all content starting NOW!

Here's exactly how I'll do it:

Step 1: Know your brand like the back of my hand.

Sit down, grab some coffee, and get comfy. You'll walk me through your brand from A to Z. I want to know the juicy stuff -

What do you hope to achieve with your business? How do you want to be perceived by audiences? Why should your audience choose you over your competitor? What makes you different?

I'll ask the questions, you'll provide the answers in a laid back Q&A session that will explore your purpose, mission, and values layer by layer. Every bit of information is vital to your brand's unique story and will attract your ideal target audience.

Step 2: Identify purpose for your content.

After nailing down your brand identity, we'll set standards to uphold your content's purpose. The standards we set for your future content will be the comparison for your current content. In other words, we will set a mark and aim to hit it in terms of voice, tone, and what you want from your content (type of emotional response, how you want your audience to see you, the sound of your brand's voice, ensuring your content speaks to the specific personas or profiles you're targeting).

That means content tailored for specific channels and with specific calls-to-action that give your audience opportunities to act.

Step 3: Audit the heck out of your content.

Next, I'll review the content you currently offer - (Choose an auditing packages from one of those listed at the bottom of this page! ) - and will compare it against the standards we've set.

This is, what I like to call, "The Deconstruction Phase" of the project and is when I'll call out ways to improve your content before we review it together for the next step.

Step 4: I'll draft 1 - 3 months worth of copy for each content              channel in your auditing package of choice.

Now we've reached the "Overhaul" phase of my content auditing services.

You'll receive one month's worth of copy minimum for each content channel in your selected auditing package. 

This period of fresh content has a dual-purpose:

1) To set the tone of your newly established content standards      and to serve as a sample to writers going forward;

2) To give you or your team the needed time to hone writing         skills in accordance with your customized guide I'll create in       the next step.

Step 5: Create a custom brand content master plan to create your masterpiece. 

Finally, I'll develop a guide for you and your team that will instruct them how to align your content to its highest potential which we outlined in Step 2.

I call this the "Reconstruction Process".

This guide will break down how to create content in a way that reflects your brand's unique tone, voice while helping writers hone the art of engaging writing.

When all is said and done, your business will have the knowledge to write in accordance with your brand's standards and, as long as the writing remains loyal to your brand's writing guide, you will have two vital components connecting you to "your" people and empowering them to action:

1) Consistent high-quality copy emphasizing your mission,              values, and purpose;

2) Clear instruction guiding you or your writers in the following:

  •  Compliance with your brand's defined standards (tone of  voice and style)  

  •  Best practices of writing (cohesiveness, flow, detail, point  of view) 

  •  Persuasion (calls-to-action, empathy, empowerment)

And, of course, you can count on me to be available for support before, during, and even after, this process!

So, Who Can Benefit from My Services?

  • Business owners

  • Writers

  • Freelancers

In a nutshell, if you're about to launch or re-brand and are apprehensive about your content offerings, or if you are an established organization needing better content, this is for you!

One big investment can save you MONTHS of time and money spent trying to attain the level of quality I can guarantee.

*Project timelines vary according to size and will be discussed in our Q & A session in Step 1.  

1. Choose Your AuditIng Package:

Package 1: Social Media OR Website =$500  

Package 2: Website + Blog = $750

Package 3: Blog + Social Media + Website = $1200

2. Choose YourLength of Drafted Copy

1 Month = $750

2 Months = $999

3 Months = $2100

3. PLUS a free custom content style guide for your brand

I recommend A La Carte options if you'd like to give my services a test run. If you or your team implement my guided instruction to your writing and you're still dissatisfied with the quality of your content, I'll give you a refund.

A La Carte:

- Blogs        

- Articles     

- E-books  

- Newsletters

- Webpages

- Landing Pages

- White Papers

Are you ready to feel confident in your content?

Contact me for a free 15 minute phone (or Skype) consultation and let's talk. 



“It's hard to imagine what we did before she joined us.”
— Ann Shea, Hampton Marketing